25 May 2022

5 benefits of working from coworking space

In the last few years in business world are currently trending that often called as coworking space, which is a certain location that resembles a contemporary or modern interior style office with open space work concept. With a spacious open workspace where there are tables without cubicles or partition to separate everyone and all supporting facilities which can be used by all member in order to encourage people to work as working in office. The differences lay in with the sharing concept of all facilities with others who is unknown for you. Usually there is also a private office that is commonly rented by start-up company and virtual office depends of the requirement.

Currently coworking space are developing in the big cities including Indonesia, and particularly Jakarta. Even initially coworking space was targeted for start-up company, yet now the conventional company starting to do remote working or hybrid working so they become more flexible and employee given chance to work from coworking space. Normally we can rent coworking space in daily or monthly, so individual freelancer, Micro/Small business also can utilize this as well.

The following is the benefit for company or individual worker who is using coworking space:

1. Budget efficiency

Basically the office rental cost is quite big expenses for a company, especially in a big city located in central or CBD area such as in Sudirman or SCBD. Through renting a coworking space, the company expense can be reduced. For example when you rent a coworking space in KLOUD which located in Gedung International Financial Centre it just costs Rp. 100,000 a day includes facilities such as unlimited internet, comfortable workspace, free flow coffee tea and water, snack, spacious lounge, entertainment area and many more.

2. Flexibility

To work from coworking space could make every member having a flexible time since it does not require member to rent for a year just like conventional office. Member are allowed to rent daily or monthly and then you can decide to look for another coworking space to get new environment.

In addition as for individual, to get flexibility working in coworking space is one thing matter, so they don’t have to follow the conventional office rules such as we can work from any desk freely, not afraid about coming late & its punishment, leaving work as we want, having lunch anytime we feel hungry and wearing outfit as comfort as we want.

3. A wider networking

Working in coworking space enables us to possibly meet other professionals from various industry, because that place is an office that we share together. Get acquainted with professionals from varying levels will benefitted us, from a business starter to an investor business. This can open up opportunities for a new business innovation or enrich our knowledge by getting insight of other business industry.

4. Complete facilities

Comprehensive facilities are important to support your performance and creativity. Just like regular office that provides a comfortable workspace, unlimited internet, stationary, meeting rooms, pantry, snacks and drink, lounge room and many more.

5. Relieve stress level

You will be happier when you are working in coworking space. For example, when you work in coworking space, you were not bound by office hour so you can avoid travelling during peak hour. Moreover, you can reduce a chances of getting insomnia, since working from coworking space can help you to separate between working hours and enjoy your family time, me time and rest.

So, what do you think? Working on coworking space or want to try more private time when you work? You can enjoy a free trial working from private office in International Financial Centre Jakarta here.

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