24 May 2022

A Harvard Business Review Study: How the workers thrive in a coworking space

A Research from Harvard indicates how people who is working in a coworking space feel that they are thriving more compared to working in a conventional office. Quoted from Harvard Business Review article “Why People Thrive in Coworking Space”, the result shows that the growth of workers in 6 of the seven, higher number than workers who are working out of coworking space.

What is the reason behind of coworking space can be able to encourage its member to grow communally? A result of the interview with a coworking space member indicates 3 points which make workers feel themselves thriving more in a coworking space as follow:

1. Workers in coworking space notice their job more meaningful

Coworking space that carries an open and collaborative concept, make the office space become a place where many workers from different background and type of jobs assemble. When the start up workers, freelancers, entrepreneur, or employees are assemble from various industries, that can make everyone sees themselves more valuable and unique. In another words, working among those people who are working for various jobs can strengthen the identity of individual workers. A workers would also feel they had a unique skill that can help another worker, this is why workers in coworking space see that their job more meaningful.  

2. Workers have more flexible time and control over their work

To work in a coworking space indeed offers many of flexibility and space work for its member. A member can decide to work in a lounge area together with another member, or in the private and quite room in order to be able to focus, or even in a collaborative space while interacting with many people. When it feels boring, everyone can be walking around to another area such as pantry, entertainment area which provided by its coworking space.  The Flexibility and autonomy that is owned by every member of coworking space that is believed of what make them have growth and increase their productivity.

3. Workers / members in coworking space become a part of community

Since there are many of communal coworking space make every worker can be connected and interacted one another compared to worker who is working in a cubicle. In coworking space, socializing is very possible to do although it is not obligatory. Interaction with co-workers can help everyone feel a strong identity with a community.

Coworking space that is offer flexibility and community to its member considered as the benefit for them compared if they rent a conventional office. In a central business district Jakarta, there are many of building that provides coworking space Jakarta, such as KLOUD from Keppel Land which offers coworking space, rent office space and rent private office in Sudirman, Jakarta CBD.

Reference : https://hbr.org/2015/05/why-people-thrive-in-coworking-spaces

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