25 May 2022

Check this out before working from coworking space

Coworking space which currently trending in Jakarta is becoming a workspace destination by professional in this modern era. It feels different when you were working from a coffee shop where it tends to be more crowded and noisier. Particularly when you need longer time to standby, working in a coffee shop make you waste more money rather than working in coworking space.  Either for an individual or company, you can rent an office space that will save you money.  

For those who were never tried working in coworking space and about to try it, follow these tips below to make you like a pro:

1. Survey!

First you need to survey to your targeted coworking space. You can check it through their official website, social media, email and phone call or even better if you have time just go for a visit. So you can be sure to choose one of them to support your working requirement

2. Consider these points

After done with your survey, you need to consider everything well before choosing your preferred place. Remember, even though you can find the cheapest one but consider the value of facilities as well. Don’t forget about the distance from your house to the place, the location as well, because of the unpredictable traffic in Jakarta

3. Bring your personal kit

Normally coworking space indeed provides comprehensive facilities to make you full equipped to work based on your performance. But there is time when we need to bring our own working kit such as: cable roll, notes / agenda, stationary and etc.

4. Bring your own utensils

Coworking space indeed provides snacks and free flow drinks like coffee, tea and mineral water, since this on going covid-19 pandemic still occurs in our country, better you bring your own utensils to enjoy meals and drinks during your time in coworking space.

5. Internet Connection

Commonly coworking space provides fast and unlimited internet connection which can support job generally. But if your job needs an extra internet connection, probably you need to ask for additional speed or quota to the provider. Anyway, for those who are seeking the coworking space with fastest and unlimited internet connection you can visit KLOUD, a coworking space located in International Financial Centre.

6. Prepare a Headset

Working from coworking space with open space and sharing concept with other member sometimes make you hard to be focus, this is the right time to use your headset and play music to boost your mood in work.

7. Don’t forget to socialize

You can take the opportunity of working from coworking space by meeting with other professional who is possibly can help you to develop yourself. While taking a break away from your laptop, try to strolling around and making conversation with other member. SO that you can open up your networking and new business possibility.

8. Follow the health protocol

Last but not least, the ongoing covid-19 pandemic still make us have to follow the health protocol in order to reduce the risk of virus transmission. Wear a mask, wash your hand and disinfectant, keep distance by do not swarm and bring your own utensils.

So thus tips that you can follow if you want to work from your dream coworking space or private office, you can visit International Financial Centre located in Jakarta CBD Sudirman area.

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